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  • 30 Second block time
  • 8 Decimals
  • Max supply: 10,000,000 IND
  • 1 IND block reward
  • Argon2id Chukwa Algo
  • Block unlock at 10 confirmations (5 minutes)
  • Minimum fee of 0.000001 IND

Indium is an untraceable cryptocurrency with cutting edge features and technology. We have learned from many of the past crypto-currencies and created one that can rival any. Indium is designed to gain value over time and to be a rare commodity that is easily and quickly transferable.



Founder / Developer

"I'm the main developer and founder of Indium. We keep improving the coin every single day!"



"I'm the founder of Indium. My job is to maintain the official pool and develop some small features on Indium."



"I'm a blockchain developer of Indium."


Frequently Asked Questions

You've got some problems or just a question? Take a look if your question is in here. If your question is not in here we will gladly help you with your question on the Discord.

  • When will the Ionize to Indium swap take place?

    As soon as we created the Discord bot you can swap your Ionize to Indium. You just enter your Ionize private keys and you can swap it. Transactiosn after block 19,034 will not be counted.